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About Us

Port Fuels & Materials Services (PFMSI) is a 100% Canadian Company owned by Leveraged Green Energy (LGE). PFMSI’s mission is to develop a sustainable, state-of-the-art energy-from-waste facility in the Port of Hamilton that will operate as a flagship of the Gasplasma® technology.


Building on the policy drivers of LGE to improve environmental balance, the Port of Hamilton was a sought after strategic location whereby the presence of an intergrated energy-to-waste facility, located among industrial facilities and Port tenants that not only generate waste but also require heat and electrical energy to operate their business.


The PFMSI facility in the Port of Hamilton would be fully integrated into the industrial ecology lifecycle of the Hamilton industrial area. Material that is currently landfilled would instead be recovered for its mineral components and energy value - ultimately, re-used by the same industry that produced the waste.


PFMSI offices are located at 1 Main Street East in Hamilton, Ontario.


Advanced Plasma Power Limited (APP) is the world leader in waste-to-energy and advanced fuels technology.


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Located in Hamilton, Ontario - McMaster University is considered one of the top research universities in Canada and the world.


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Leveraged Green Energy ("LGE") is a Renewable Energy Fund organized to create, identify, acquire and manage clean and renewable "green" energy assets.


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