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Environmental Assessment


The Environmental Screening Process for the proposed Port Fuels & Material Services, Inc. Energy-From-Waste (EFW) facility is being carried out according to the Waste Management Projects Regulation (Ontario Regulation 101/07) of the Environmental Assessment Act and the Guide to Environmental Assessment Requirements for Waste Management Projects.  An Environmental Screening is an approvals process for projects that have predictable environmental effects that can be readily mitigated.


The Environmental Screening Process is comprised of 14 steps:


Step 1  Publish Notice of Commencement and Public Open House

Step 2  Identify Problem or Opportunity and Project Description

Step 3  Apply Screening Criteria

Step 4  Describe Potential Environmental Effects, Concerns, and Issues

Step 5  Consultation and Public Open House #1

Step 6  Conduct Studies and Assessment of Potential Environmental Effects

Step 7  Develop Impact Management/ Mitigation  Measures

Step 8  Consultation and Public Open House #2

Step 9  Identify Significant Net Effects and Resolve Concerns (if required)

Step 10  Conduct Additional Studies and Assessment (if required)

Step 11  Prepare Environmental Screening Report

Step 12  Publish Notice of Completion

Step 13  Resolve Elevation Requests (if required)

Step 14  Submit Statement of Completion to the Ministry of the Environment


The results of the Environmental Screening Process will be documented in an Environmental Screening Report. The Environmental Screening Report and associated studies are available below.


Stakeholder participation is an important part of the consultation process.  Consultation activities such as public open houses provide stakeholders the opportunity to meet the project team, learn more about the project and to provide comments and additional questions regarding the project (see the ‘Stakeholders’ page for more information about consultation).


In addition to the Environmental Screening Process, a Federal environmental effects determination according to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 (CEAA 2012), Section 67, is required since the facility will be located at the Hamilton Port.  

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