Frequently Asked Questions

Since Port Fuels and Materials Services (PFMSI) submitted its Environmental Screening Report to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, and made those reports public for comment late last year, there have been a number of questions raised that we are happy to answer.

Is this an incinerator?

Is Gasplasma an experimental technology?

How does data collected from your pilot site in Swindon UK scale up to a larger facility?

The Ministry of the Environment approves many proposals without a demonstration site or a pilot location to measure environmental impact. How does that process work?

Why is the annual output of the pilot facility less important than the hourly waste processing rate to calculate emissions estimates?

Why did the pilot facility in Swindon not meet Ontario A7 air emission standards? How will the facility in Hamilton meets those standards and by how much?

How did you calculate that additional emissions would not overload the Hamilton airshed?

Does Gasplasma® - and gasification more broadly – have the same emissions as incineration?

Will PFMSI have to gasify toxic waste in order to make money?

Isn’t waste a non-renewable, unsustainable resource?

How loud will the facility be?

Will an Environmental Assessment offer any new data that will reflect on the impact of the facility?

Some are saying an Environmental Assessment is required for one aspect of the facility. Is this the case?

Who is responsible for conducting the environmental studies, either an Environmental Screening or an Environmental Assessment? Why?

What kind of emissions will the facility produce and are they harmful to human health?

Will this environmental permit application be for non-hazardous material and is it a good alternative to current practices?

Where will the waste come from?

Will the proposed facility produce odour? Will odour from the trucks transporting and dumping waste at the facility be contained?

How visible will the facility be?

Will the proposed facility impact traffic?

What are the chances of a catastrophic event (e.g., furnace explosion, fire, etc.) and what are the proposed emergency procedures? What are the possible impacts associated with a major system failure?

Has the technology been tested elsewhere?

How much energy will the facility generate?

Won’t the size of this facility force you to import waste from outside Hamilton?

What is the taxpayer cost and benefit/liability?

Will information be available to the public?

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